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Face Masks


Minimum order 24 pcs.

Colors: blue, pink, red, lavender
Fabric: Cotton seersucker
Elastic: 3/16" Knitted latex free polyester
Size: 8"W x 4"H - Closed
8"W x 6"H - Open
Lead Time: 1 Week
Price: $10.00 ea

Our newest version is our most comfortable design. No more ear tugs!!!! And you can’t beat the conveience of being able to move your mask from covering your face, to under your chin, and quickly back again!!!

PRODUCTION NOTE: After masks are assembled, they are put in a washing machine using hot water and detergent. When done, masks are put in a dryer. When done drying person making the mask puts on vinyl gloves, removes masks from dryer and lightly presses each mask with a warm iron and then puts mask in a sealed baggie. That means that you can take mask out of the baggie and wear right away, if you choose.




Cheer Bows

Cheer bows

Minimum order 24 pcs.

Colors: Assorted
Sizes: 8" H x 8" W

Lead Time: 2 Weeks
Price: $10.00 ea